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Our story

Made in Dudley, England since 1913

Townmills is a British luxury outerwear brand. We bring a classic style to life through a modern lens. Townmills started with a simple vision; to craft luxury outerwear that stood the test of time and got better with age.

As a family run business it’s always been important to preserve the family heritage and ethos. Here at Townmills every garment is still handmade in the very same factory we started from back in 1913.

townmills factory floor 1973

Townmills factory floor 1978

Luxury yet affordable

Our mission has always been simple. To manufacture luxury and affordable garments without compromising on quality.

1913 to Present

When we look back over the years the machinery and the technology may have changed but the ethos hasn’t. Everything is still made the traditional way, by hand.

Manufacturing in our own factory does not only makes us immensely proud, but it has also always allowed us to control and monitor each production process, ensuring it has been carried out perfectly to the luxury standard required each time.

Our mission has allowed us to preserve the specialist craftsmanship skills that have been handed down through our family generations, which means so much to us. 


Product Floor N02

The UK’s level of luxury craftsmanship and quality has always been unrivalled. We have seen brands take advantage of the 'Made In England' label, with inflated prices and heavy price mark ups, but not us. We believe in affordability.  


British Fabrics Then & Still

The foundation of any luxury garment is the fabric. Our British mills continue to produce the finest fabric in the world, that’s why we always use British fabrics. Despite the premium cost, we are devoted to using the very best.

More importantly our customers appreciate and feel the difference with our brand. The love and positive feedback we get back on our fabrics is overwhelming, we could never see ourselves doing it any other way.


Smith Family

We are still running as a family business, and we are proud to continue the original founders family legacy. Our mission is unchanged and we will always continue to cut,sew and hand craft all of our garments in our own factory in Great Britain.

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